Report Wire - Demonstration of bundle making machine from Para being accomplished by Agricultural Engineering
December 6, 2022

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Demonstration of bundle making machine from Para being accomplished by Agricultural Engineering

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Demonstration of bundle making machine from Para being done by Agricultural Engineering

On November 17, a farmer’s seminar was organized in village Adawal by the Office of Agricultural Engineer, Agricultural Engineering, Mahindra Farm Machinery. Due to which the preparation of nursery with the entire methodology of transplanting paddy with paddy transplanter machine, demonstration of paddy transplanter machine, subject go to and varied agricultural machines corresponding to baler machine, multicut planter, raisedbred multicrop planter, rice planter, and many others. have been mentioned intimately together with their utility. . On this event, Agriculture Engineer Bastar Division Mr. Alok Kumar Pal knowledgeable about institution of departmental scheme Krishi Yantra Seva Kendra with low price, time saving and improve in productiveness on transplanting paddy with paddy transplanter.
Baler machine is being demonstrated by Agricultural Engineering in Dhanpunji. About 450 bales (para bundles) have been made so removed from the baler machine. The use of this machine will assist the farmers to gather paddy after harvesting paddy from the harvester, in addition to assist in environmental safety from the air air pollution attributable to farmers burning the para within the fields. By setting Para on hearth within the fields, the important vitamins current within the soil in addition to micro-organisms are destroyed, on account of which the fertility of the land decreases and soil erosion happens. With the usage of baler machine, Para saves the fertility of the land. Can be collected, transported and preserved simply within the type of bales.
Assistant Agricultural Engineer Mr. Mansingh Banjare gave details about the efficiency and utility of agricultural machines, time price and improve in productiveness. In this program, progressive farmers Mr. Prakash Rai, Mr. Umashankar water collector, Mr. Vipin Meshram and Mr. Suryanarayan Das who transplant paddy with paddy transplanter. Based on his private expertise, he informed that utilizing this machine reduces price, saves time and will increase productiveness by 25-30 p.c. Sarpanch of Adawal, Mrs. Jayanthi Kashyap current on this program mentioned that the current time is the period of machines and discount in agricultural price and improve in productiveness of farmer brothers is feasible solely by means of agricultural machines, Mr. Dharam from Mahindra Farm Machinery in this system Sagar Baghel, Shri Gautam Goswami have been current.
Agriculture Engineer Jagdalpur Mr. Alok Kumar Pal, Assistant Agriculture Engineer Mr. Mansingh Banjare, Mechanical Assistant Mr. Devprasad Balendra have been current in the course of the demonstration of the baler.

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