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Hina Khan Reacts to Trolls For Judging Her ‘Religious Posts’

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Hina Khan Reacts to Trolls For Judging Her

Home LeisureHina Khan Reacts to Trolls For Judging Her ‘Religious Posts’: ‘I Misjudged, Miscalculated’

Hina Khan just lately reacted to trolls who judged her ‘spiritual posts’ and in addition addressed the hate messages.

Hina Khan Reacts to Trolls For Judging Her ‘Religious Posts’: ‘I Misjudged, Miscalculated’

Hina Khan Reacts to Trolls For Judging Her ‘Religious Posts’: Hina Khan who was just lately on her non secular voyage, posted her photos from ‘Umrah’. She additionally spoke about her regards for the holy month of Ramadan. However, a piece of netizens criticised her spiritual posts. Now, she has reacted to the trolling and clarified about her Medina and Mecca go to. Hina informed she all the time wished to go to the holy shrines and known as it God’s will. The actor who is thought for her fashionable style statements was seen in conventional apparel and adopted all of the customs and rituals throughout ‘Umrah’.



Hina has now reacted to the objections of a piece of netizens and addressed their issues. She wrote in her publish “I just can’t can’t can’t believe this is happening.. ok lemme tell you guys.. when I left home I decided to perform three umrah’s in one and a half day, which was practically and physically not possible.. I misjudged, miscalculated, also I didn’t realise I should do Medina first and then Mecca to perform umrah in the holy month of Ramadan.. I did exactly reverse (no complaints though) I really enjoyed my time and rozas in Madina sharif.. but some where deep down I was not content, and a bit sad ki mera ek Umrah reh Gaya (I couldn’t complete three Umrahs).. also I really wanted to perform umrah in Ramazan especially when you are so close to Mecca sharif…but I decided it’s god’s will and I will achieve it next time.. shall come in the month of Ramadan next year for umrah again. Also my flight back home was from Madina and I can’t make my mom travel back and forth since she’s wheel chair bound.”


The actor additionally opined “But I had no inclination that god had other plans.. yet again this gods sent Farishta ( bless bless bless u, you know who u are) convinced me and we decided to go back to Mecca just for a few hours to perform umrah in Ramadan.. AB ISKO KHUDA KA BULAAWA NAA KAHUN TO KYA KAHUN (What do I call it if not an invitation from God). God is great and all knowing .. pious intent and a humble will to seek can never be dismissed at house of god.” Reacting to the hate feedback she acknowledged that “And to all those people who have been judging me left right and centre under my religious posts…All I can say is, I am no saint but I truly believe in Neeyat (intentions), kindness and good karma, good deeds.. Baaki aap sab ko apne karma ka khud jawaab dena hai oopar (everyone has to answer for their deeds up above). Spread love. Teesra Umrah Mukammal.”

Hina has labored in day by day soaps like Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and Kasautii Zindagii Kay.

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Published Date: March 25, 2023 4:35 PM IST