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‘Irrfan Was Very Sexy…’: KJo Regrets Not Working With Actor, & Lacking ‘Understanding’ to Cast Him

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Home Entertainment‘Irrfan Khan Was Very Sexy…’: Karan Johar Regrets Not Working With Actor, And Lacking ‘Understanding’ to Cast Him

Karan Johar talks about Irrfan Khan in a guide written by a journalist on the lifetime of the late actor. He says he by no means had the understanding or bandwidth to make a movie that might do justice to Irrfan’s profession.

Karan Johar on not working with Irrfan Khan (Photo: IANS)

Karan Johar’s statements on Irrfan Khan: Filmmaker Karan Johar regrets not working with legendary actor Irrfan Khan. The director spoke to the writer of a guide written on the late actor when he recalled all of the missed alternatives and the time when he felt like he was not making cinema worthy of justifying Irrfan’s immense expertise. He additionally known as him ‘sexy’.

As talked about within the guide, he mentioned he by no means needed to place a ‘blotch’ on the late actor’s profession. KJo, as he’s popularly known as, added that he additionally lacked the understanding of creating the form of cinema that might swimsuit the brilliance of Irrfan as an actor. The filmmaker, as reported by the information company PTI, mentioned, “So while Irrfan Khan had this trajectory that began properly in 1998, and he had all those movies that were breaking through, I was busy making these big spectacle entertainers; I didn’t have the bandwidth or understanding of how to accommodate the magic and magnitude of Irrfan.”


Karan went on to speak concerning the actor’s ‘sex appeal’. He highlighted that not many may fathom it and even use it however Irrfan had an amazing intercourse enchantment which made him all of the extra intriguing on display. “It’s very important to say that women found him sexy; he had tremendous sex appeal. You know, always, it’s the actors who do the more cerebral, intellectual, and critic-friendly cinema that you don’t associate with sex appeal, somehow. I think Irrfan Khan was very sexy, and it was a huge icing on his terrific talent cake,” he defined.

Irrfan, who started his profession with the 1988 movie ‘Salaam Bombay‘ was doing critically-acclaimed films like ‘Footpath‘ (2003), ‘Maqbool‘ (2003), ‘Aan: Men at Work’ (2004), ‘Rog‘ (2005), ‘Yun Hota Toh Kya Hota‘ (2006) and ‘Life in a… Metro‘ (2007), Karan was making films like ‘Kal Ho Na Ho‘ (2003), and ‘Dostana‘ (2008). He added that he could ‘never arrived at a screenplay, a film, a thought or an idea that would warrant the presence of the magnitude that Irrfan brought to the table.’ He mentioned he may have by no means provided him a movie that was mainstream however ‘substandard’.


It was ‘Maqbool‘, a film directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, that made Karan go bedazzled with Irrfan’s advantage. He mentioned he hadn’t met an actor who had the whole lot ‘charisma, cinema intellect, presence, performance – all in equal’. The director mentioned there was no manner anybody may ‘slot’ Irrfan or ‘put him in a box’. However, he remembered that after the actor’s dying throughout the pandemic in April 2020, he obtained round 5 scripts that he felt had been meant for Irrfan. “I just feel terrible. And you know why those scripts came to my table now? Because now is the time that cinema is ready for that material and that material was all Irrfan Khan,” he defined.

While the 51-year-old filmmaker may by no means direct Irrfan, his Dharma Productions distributed the actor’s ‘The Lunchbox‘ in the year 2013. He said he can just take solace in the fact that he was associated with an Irrfan film in some capacity.

The excerpts were taken from the book titled ‘Irrfan: A Life in Movies’ which additionally options accounts from the late actor’s spouse Sutapa Sikdar, his good friend Vishal Bhardwaj and others on the life he lived.