Report Wire - ‘Meo Muslims are descendants of Ram and Krishna’, says Congress MLA Shafia Zubair

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‘Meo Muslims are descendants of Ram and Krishna’, says Congress MLA Shafia Zubair

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'Meo Muslims are descendants of Ram and Krishna', says Congress MLA Shafia Zubair

On 2nd March 2023, Rajasthan’s Congress MLA from the Ramgarh constituency Shafia Zubair stated within the meeting that Meos, the Muslim Rajput neighborhood in Mewat, are descendants of Ram and Krishna. She stated this whereas responding to BJP MLAs saying that Mewat is a backward space. She additionally demanded compensation for the households of useless cattle smugglers Junaid and Nasir of the Bhiwani case identical to compensation was given to the relations of Kanhaiya Lal who was beheaded by Islamists in June 2022.

She stated that the Meo Muslims could have transformed to Islam, however they have been initially Hindus, and they’re descendants of Ram and Krishna.

Shafia Zubair stated, “Meo community resides in Alwar, Bharatpur, Nuh, and in some parts of Mathura, where Krishna was born. I traced the ancestry of the community to know what our history is. The result says that we are from the lineage of Lord Krishna. Even if we have converted our religion, the blood does not change, and it belongs to Ram and Krishna.”

Shafia Zubair added, “You should all remember who Meos are (descendants of Ram- Krishna) and consider them as Mewa (dry fruits). Nobody should tell us again and again that we are backward. It has given three MLAs (Zubair, Wajid Ali from Nagar, and Zahida Khan from Kaman) and you will see where the Mewat will reach in the next 10 years.” Therefore, Mewat shouldn’t be thought of a backward area, she stated.

She additionally demanded that the funds for the area ought to be elevated from Rs 25 crore to Rs 100 crore for the event of the area, and demanded extra colleges within the area.

Shafia Zubair additionally demanded compensation for the relations of Junaid and Nasir – the deceased within the current Bhiwani case. She urged that the compensation for Junaid and Nasir be equal to that acquired by Kanhaiya Lal’s household. She stated, “Different compensation was given in the Udaipur incident and different in the Nasir-Junaid murder case, why is this happening? It was a very shameful incident, but the compensation to the victims has also been given very little.” Shafia Zubair Khan earlier made it to the information when she carried out Rudra Abhishek within the Pratapeshwar Mahadev temple of Amer in Rajasthan.

On February 17 this yr, the Rajasthan Police reached Haryana to probe the Bhiwani case through which the charred useless our bodies of ‘cattle smugglers’ Junaid and Nasir have been recovered by the Haryana Police.