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MintGenie Explainer – What is Bear Market and when does it occur?

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Bears and bulls are typical inventory market animal metaphors, however exactly how is an animal associated to shares? Consider how every creature assaults its prey: a bull usually raises its horns ahead, whereas a bear sometimes lowers its head. In the same manner, when the market is attacked in a downward movement, it is called a Bear market.

A bear market happens when the inventory market’s worth falls for an prolonged time frame. In different phrases, a bear market is outlined as a long-term tendency of dropping inventory costs. For a market to be categorised as bearish, it will need to have seen a big decline of a minimum of 20%. It’s characterised by a drop in speculative demand amongst residents, which reduces the capital sector’s total money circulate.

Bear markets might precede a broader financial downturn, which is horrible for everybody. These markets can endure anyplace from a couple of weeks to a number of years, with the typical being round 18 months. Bear markets have lasted as much as 5 years within the worst-case situations.

The post-Covid bull rise has been halted by ballooning inflation, rising rates of interest, and the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which has put immense strain on inventory markets world wide.

The S&P 500 index, which has a market cap of just about $38 trillion, is already in bear market territory, and the benchmark Nifty 50 and Sensex are dangerously shut. 

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