Report Wire - Pakistani journalist begs USA to make India speak to Pakistan, will get snubbed

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Pakistani journalist begs USA to make India speak to Pakistan, will get snubbed

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Pakistani journalist begs USA to make India talk to Pakistan, gets snubbed

On Thursday (March 9), the spokesperson for the US State Department, Ned Price, was repeatedly requested by a Pakistani journalist why the USA will not be making India ‘talk’ to Pakistan.

The journalist, recognized as Jahanzaib Ali from the now-suspended ARY News, claimed, “Pakistan provided to have peace talks with India many instances, however Indian Government tried to keep away from that. So while you have interaction with Indian authorities, what purpose do they are saying? Why they don’t need to speak to Pakistan in regards to the pending points?

Ned Price remarked, “…We support diplomacy between India and Pakistan to resolve, again, another set of longstanding disputes. We are a partner. We are willing to support that process in any way that they deem appropriate, but ultimately these are decisions that India and Pakistan themselves are going to have to make.”

But finally these are choices that India and Pakistan themselves are going to need to make…It will not be for the United States to find out the modalities or the best way through which India and Pakistan have interaction each other: US State Department Spox Ned Price

— ANI (@ANI) March 9, 2023

Despite being made clear that the United States can solely intervene if each India and Pakistan ask for it and each events conform to it, Ali pestered Ned Price to make a press release. He requested, “Many analysts consider that the US has the ability and authority to mediate between the 2 companions (Pakistan and India)…So why don’t you simply mediate?

The spokesperson for the US State Department identified, “Because these are decisions for the countries themselves. If they agree on a particular role for the United States, the United States is prepared to, as a partner to both countries, support that process in any way that we responsibly can.”

“But ultimately, it is not for the United States to determine the modalities or the way in which India and Pakistan engage one another. What we support is constructive dialogue, meaningful diplomacy between India and Pakistan in the first instance to resolve longstanding conflicts,” Ned Price snubbed Ali.

US State Department spokesperson rebuffs Pakistani journalist on BBC documentary

Earlier in January this 12 months, a Pakistani journalist named Jalil Afridi was slammed by Ned Price after the previous tried to rake up the BBC documentary on Indian PM Narendra Modi to bitter the bilateral relations between the 2 international locations.

At about 1 hour and a couple of minutes into the press briefing, he claimed that the United States has compromised on its worth by refusing to sentence Narendra Modi for his supposed involvement within the 2002 Gujarat riots (an insinuation made by the BBC’s propaganda documentary).

Ned Price responded, “I am not aware of this documentary that you point to, but I will say broadly is that there are a number of elements that undergird the global strategic partnership that we have with our Indian partners.”

Ned denies seeing BBC documentary on Modi’s Massacre in Gujrat, India

— Jalil Afridi (@afridijalil) January 24, 2023

“There are close political ties, there are economic ties, there are exceptionally deep people-to-people ties between the United States and India. But one of those additional elements are the values that we share, the values that are common to American democracy and to Indian democracy,” he emphasised.

“India, of course, is the world’s largest democracy. It’s a vibrant democracy. And again, we look to everything that ties us together, and we look to reinforce all of those elements that tie us together,” the US State Department spokesperson schooled the Pakistani journalist.