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‘Pathaan is Answer to Boycott Talks’: Siddharth Anand on How SRK’s Film Did More Than Chasing Box Office

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'Pathaan is Answer to Boycott Talks': Siddharth Anand on How SRK's Film Did More Than Chasing Box Office

Home Entertainment‘Pathaan is Answer to Boycott Talks’: Siddharth Anand on How SRK’s Film Did More Than Chasing Box Office

Siddharth Anand speaks on how Pathaan ended up altering issues for Bollywood and did not simply chase Box Office numbers.

‘Pathaan is Answer to Boycott Talks’ Siddharth Anand on How SRK’s Film Did More Than Chasing Box Office

With its many information, the encouragement that it gave to the movie trade, and the way it re-established Shah Rukh Khan’s place in Bollywood, ‘Pathaan‘ became much more than just a movie. The phenomena that YRF released this year was unlike anything that the Hindi film industry had seen in a long time. The director of the film, Siddharth Anand now spoke about all this to the international entertainment and lifestyle portal, Variety.

Anand spoke about how the SRK and Deepika Padukone starrer emerged as this big ball of happiness for both the audience and the industry alike. The director also called it an answer to the ‘boycott calls’ that have been believed to have hit Bollywood, ensuing within the failure of many films back-to-back.

Speaking to Variety, Siddharth Anand mentioned, “I’m happy that Pathaan has become a game-changer for the industry. We were said to have been boycotted by people. I’m happy that Pathaan has become the answer to all that talk. The industry has heard enough. I’m happy that we have let our work do the talking.”

Anand went on to speak about sharpening his personal craft together with his films and attempting to convey one thing even higher with each movie for the viewers. The director mentioned, “He said, “What has always inspired me as a filmmaker is to push the boundary and innovate. If you look at ‘War’ and now ‘Pathaan,’ you will realize that though I’m dabbling with the same genre of action, I have tried to explore doing things that have never been seen before in India.”

The director added that he tries to make each movie higher than the final movie. Highlighting how the ‘detailing in Pathaan was higher than his final movie ‘War‘, Anand mentioned, “… it will only get better in my future projects because I’m a hungry director seeking perfection with each film. That’s what drives me, I will constantly innovate to disrupt.”

Pathaan, launched on January 25, is presently operating in theatres. The movie has collected over Rs 1040 crore worldwide and continues to do properly within the home market. Amid all of the success, the talks of Pathaan 2 are additionally on regardless of SRK denying the identical. Do you suppose Pathaan 2 must be made? Watch this area for all the most recent updates on Pathaan and its Box Office enterprise!

Published Date: March 9, 2023 8:43 PM IST