Report Wire - Punjabi actress Sonia Mann justifies homicide of Hindu chief Sudhir Suri, says ‘it was job, it was obligatory’

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Punjabi actress Sonia Mann justifies homicide of Hindu chief Sudhir Suri, says ‘it was job, it was obligatory’

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Punjabi actress Sonia Mann justifies murder of Hindu leader Sudhir Suri, says 'it was a good job, it was necessary'

On Thursday, Punjabi actress turned activist Sonia Mann justified the killing of Shiv Sena (Taksali) chief Sudhir Suri and stated that he deserved to get killed. She additionally showered praises on offender Sandeep Singh who shot Suri exterior Gopal Mandir on Majitha Road, one of many busiest locations within the metropolis of Amritsar, the place he and another leaders of the occasion had been holding a protest.

In an unique interview with a neighborhood Punjabi information channel named Rozana Spokesman, Mann stated that Singh did an excellent job by killing Suri. “Sandeep ji killed Suri. He did a good job. One should not indulge in killing and violence, but killing Suri was necessary,” she stated. This is when she criticized Amritpal Singh, a pro-Khalistan preacher and the present head of ‘Waris Punjab De’ saying that he did nothing to face behind Sandeep Singh.

“Singh was influenced by your speeches and your activities. What did you (Amritpal Singh) do for him. He was hurt that his close aide Lovepreet Toofan was in jail for three days, why didn’t he raise his voice back when police held Sandeep Singh for murdering Suri?” she questioned.

Shocking: Punjabi actor Sonia maan justified killing of Hindu chief Sudhir Suri by Sandip Singh👇👇
पंजाबी एक्टर सोनिया मान ने हिंदू नेता की हत्या करने वाले अमृतपाल के करीबी संदीप सिंह को सही ठहराया पर हैरानी की बात यह है कि सोनिया मान के बाप को भी खालिस्तानियों ने मारा था 🤨🤨

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She additionally indicated that the present pro-Khalistani chief Amritpal Singh was egocentric and possessed a weakened ideology of Khalistan. She stated she would nurture and additional the thought of ‘Khalistan’ put forth by Ranjit Singh, the primary Maharaja of the Sikh Empire, and never that of Amritpal Singh. “The ideas of Khalistan of both these leaders are as if two ends of one line. They can never meet. Raja Ranjit Singh aimed for an empire in which every person would be treated equally, education would be given importance there and there would be respect for all. Today what Amritpal Singh is fighting for is just power. He is a fanatic leader and has a different idea of what Khalistan should be,” she stated.

According to Mann, Amritpal Singh can be confused about whether or not he needs to maintain his life non-public or work for the Sikh group. She criticized Singh saying, “You say you have a private life. Fair. But then you portray yourself as a ‘Sikh’ leader? Our Sikh Guru had in the past sacrificed their respective families for religion. They didn’t have any private life. Guru Gobind Singh ji sacrificed his four Sahibzadas to protect our culture and religion. He didn’t discriminate. He said all are my Sahibzadas and I have to protect all. What is Amritpal Singh doing? Just spreading fear and fanaticism?” she contemplated.

She additionally stated that Amritpal Singh was ruining the picture of Punjab by elevating pro-Khalistani slogans. “The recent Ajnala protests were the outcome of fanaticism. He jammed the Police station as his close aide was in jail. Where was he when Sandeep ji was jailed,” she reiterated extending help to offender Sandeep Singh who killed Hindu chief Sudhir Suri.

Interestingly, Sonia’s father Baldev Singh Mann was killed by Khalistanis within the 12 months 1986, whereas he was on his technique to his village, Chinna Bagga, in Amritsar district, to satisfy his one–week–previous daughter (Sonia).

Sudhir Suri was shot useless in broad daylight in Amritsar, Punjab on November 4 exterior the Gopal temple in Amritsar whereas Shiv Sena leaders (Taksali) had been protesting in opposition to the temple’s authorities after some damaged idols had been discovered within the rubbish exterior the temple premises. His son later acknowledged that his father had acquired a threatening name within the identify of Amritpal Singh and that his homicide was pre-planned.

“There was a threat call the night before the incident. My father received a call from the UK. The caller introduced himself as Amritpal Singh and said he was sending some men and that his ‘deal is done’… It was planned, four bullets hit him,” Manik, Sudhir’s son was quoted.

Earlier a pro-Khalistani group named Justice League India had claimed duty for the killing and had celebrated the homicide. Also, Gopal Singh Chawla, a Pakistan-based pro-Khalistan chief intimately affiliated with the ISI had celebrated the homicide. Later Sandeep Singh was arrested by the Punjab Police in reference to the homicide of the Hindu chief.

Notably, on February 23, pressure gripped Ajnala, Amritsar, because the supporters of pro-Khalistani self-proclaimed non secular chief Amritpal Singh surrounded the Police station in huge numbers. Singh’s followers congregated within the morning to carry an illustration at Ajnala police station regarding an FIR lodged in opposition to Amritpal and associates. They demanded the cancellation of the FIR and launch of Lovepreet Toofan who was arrested by the Punjab Police primarily based on a grievance filed by Varinder Singh, a resident of Chamkaur Sahib. The complainant accused Amritpal and his gang of abducting and attacking him when he got here to Ajnala for a religious occasion.

The police later surrendered to the pro-Khalistani supporters and introduced the cancellation of the FIR after the latter injured a number of Police officers.