Report Wire - Putin inflicted horrible injury on Ukraine, Russia: Antony Blinken to India Today

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Putin inflicted horrible injury on Ukraine, Russia: Antony Blinken to India Today

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Geeta Mohan

Tearing into Vladimir Putin, Antony Blinken accused the Russian president of inflicting “terrible damage on Ukraine and on Russia”. People and companies have left the nation, he mentioned.

New Delhi,UPDATED: Mar 2, 2023 23:16 IST

Sanctions and export management have put a heavy weight on Russia, Antony Blinken mentioned

By Geeta Mohan: Russia right this moment is remoted in its aggression, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken advised India Today TV as he spoke in regards to the battle, Covid-19 and its origins and the Adani concern, amongst others.

“A third of the UN backed the resolution condemning Russian aggression. The world opinion is very, very clear on this. This is a concern not just for Ukraine but also for countries in Europe. The consequences of Russia’s aggression were being felt across the world. Food prices are rising. Energy prices are rising… One country can’t simply go in and erase its borders, identity,” Blinken mentioned.

Russia was making an attempt to erase Ukraine from the map however the individuals of Ukraine stood up, the US official mentioned. “Ukrainians, with the support of other nations, have stood up against Russia. Russia has been pushed back. Ukraine took back most of the territory. Unfortunately and tragically, Russia is persisting. But it is suffering.”

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Tearing into Vladimir Putin, Blinken accused the Russian president of inflicting “terrible damage on Ukraine and on Russia”.

“Putin inflicted terrible damage on Ukraine and Russia. Many people have left Russia. There have been 200,000 casualties. Businesses have left Russia. Sanctions and export control have put a heavy weight on Russia. We require support for Ukraine.”

Countries, together with the G20, are working to regulate issues, Blinken mentioned.

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“What Russia is doing in Ukraine has awakened others. Other aggressors can stand up like Ukraine did to Russia. Tomorrow I am looking forward to the Quad meeting. We have a shared goal in the Indo-Pacific. And we are doing so much together,” the US Secretary of State mentioned.


It is a non-public matter involving a non-public particular person, Blinken mentioned. “It (the Adani issue) wasn’t discussed. These are private matters involving a private individual. It doesn’t affect our government-to-government relationship. Our relationship with India is strengthening and it is reaching unprecedented levels. This will be seen when PM Modi visits Washington.”

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The risk that the coronavirus originated at a lab in China is “very, very real and possible”, Blinken mentioned.

“President Biden was determined from Day 1 to get to the bottom of Covid-19. He had asked intelligence agencies to focus their resources on this. Some of our agencies believe it was from a lab leak in Wuhan. Some believe it was from an animal market. But none of the agencies could say conclusively. We do not know. The possibility that it originated in a lab is very real and possible,” he mentioned, including, “We have concerns over bio weapons being developed across the world. However, we do have programmes to help countries with biological research.”

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“We have an ongoing dialogue on both our democracies and human rights. Trying to do better on human rights and democracy is how we make progress. We discuss these openly. If concerns come up, we will discuss as friends and partners,” Blinken concluded.

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Mar 2, 2023