Report Wire - VP Jagdeep Dhankhar hits out at Rahul Gandhi for his feedback on India in UK

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VP Jagdeep Dhankhar hits out at Rahul Gandhi for his feedback on India in UK

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VP Jagdeep Dhankhar hits out at Rahul Gandhi for his comments on India in UK

 In a veiled assault on Congress MP Rahul Gandhi who just lately delivered a lecture at Cambridge University within the UK, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Thursday mentioned whereas India is having its moments of glory G20 presidency, some parliamentarians are engaged within the inconsiderate unfair denigration of our well-nurtured democratic values

Vice President Dhankhar launched a ebook on Mundaka Upanishad written by Dr Karan Singh. Addressing the gathering on the occasion, Dhankhar mentioned India is probably the most useful democracy that has evoked world recognition. India is setting world discourse on many points.

“How ironic how painful! While the world is applauding our historic accomplishments as a functional vibrant democracy, some amongst us including parliamentarians are engaged in the thoughtless unfair denigration of our well-nurtured democratic values. How can we justify such wanton orchestration of a factually untenable narrative,” he mentioned.

In a veiled assault on Congress chief Rahul Gandhi over his remarks within the UK, the Vice President mentioned, “Mark the timing of this unwholesome misadventure – While India is having its moments of glory– as President of G20 and there are people outside of the country working in overdrive to denigrate us. Such misplaced campaign mode to taint and tarnish our parliament and constitutional entities is too serious and exceptional to be ignored or countenanced. No political strategy or partisan stance can justify compromising of our nationalism and democratic values.”

“If I observe silence on this misadventure-orchestration by a Member of Parliament outside the country which is ill-premised, unwholesome and motivated, I would be on the wrong side of the Constitution. It will be constitutional culpability and outrage of my oath of office,” Dhankhar mentioned.

“How can I sanctify a statement that mikes in Indian Parliament mikes are put off? How can people say so? Has there been any illustration?” he acknowledged.

In reference to the Emergency, Dhankhar mentioned the nation has a darkish chapter of political historical past. Proclamation of Emergency was the darkest interval any democracy can endure.

He mentioned Indian democratic polity is now mature and there will be no repeat of that.

Dhankhar mentioned, “Anyone who says so, inside or outside the country, that in Indian Parliament Mikes are put off… Imagine this being done after having held the floor for nearly 50 minutes. Such kind of wanton and misadventure to run down our democratic values cannot be countenanced.”

Vice President mentioned if he observes silence, the mass majority of people that imagine within the nation shall be silent without end. He mentioned the nation can’t enable such sort of narrative to realize momentum by these components who want to antidote India’s rising progress.

“You run down our judiciary on foreign soil. Where on the planet is a judiciary that acts with lightning speed?” he mentioned including India’s judiciary is made with probably the most good minds on this planet.

He mentioned the contemporaneous situation within the temples of democracy is worrisome.”Disruption and never decorum is the order of the day,” Dhankhar mentioned.

“Undoubtedly our people are concerned and anguished with projection as disruptors of proceedings, shouters of slogans and practitioners of indecorous conduct -throwing papers and whipping out mikes and walking into the well of the house? Our Parliamentarians need to exemplify conduct worth emulating,” he added.

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday mentioned it’s the responsibility of each Indian dwelling all over the world to guard democracy” India’s democracy.

The Congress MP, who was on a go to to the UK, criticised the Centre alleging that an assault has been unleashed on the fundamental construction of Indian democracy.

The Congress MP, who’s visiting the UK, criticised the Centre alleging that an assault has been unleashed on the fundamental construction of Indian democracy.

Rahul Gandhi in an interplay on the Chatham House in London termed the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) a “fundamentalist” and “fascist” organisation alleging that it has captured just about all of India’s establishments.

He mentioned, “The nature of democratic contest in India has completely changed and the reason is that one organisation called RSS – a fundamentalist, fascist organisation has basically captured pretty much all of India’s institutions.”

Rahul Gandhi additional mentioned Europe and the US should not doing sufficient to revive democracy in India as they’re getting commerce and cash from the nation. “Why Europe and the US – the defenders of democracies were oblivious of how a huge chunk of democracy in India has come undone?” he questioned.

The Congress chief additionally talked about how the assorted establishments within the nation had been underneath menace.

“It shocked me how successful they have been at capturing the different institutions of our country. Press, Judiciary, Parliament, and Election Commission are all under threat and are controlled in one way or the other,” Rahul Gandhi mentioned.

“You can ask any Opposition leader as to how agencies are used. My phone had Pegasus on it, which was not happening when we were in power,” he added.

The Congress MP highlighted the situation of the Dalits and minorities in India.

He mentioned, “In India, you can see what is being done to Dalits, tribals, and minorities. It is not that Congress is saying it. There are articles in the foreign press all the time that there is a serious problem with Indian democracy.”

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