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Youth Congress chief mocks PM Modi for speaking about well-known apply of storing biogas in tyre tubes

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Youth Congress leader mocks PM Modi for talking about well known practice of storing biogas in tyre tubes

On June 7, National President of Indian Youth Congress Srinivas BV shared an outdated video clip of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and tried to mock him over a narrative the PM had narrated. The Congress chief alleged that PM Modi cooked up a narrative a few man transporting biogas in a big tyre tube. Srinivas wrote, “Listen to another unheard story of honourable Prime Minister. Tighten your seat belt.”

भारत के माननीय प्रधानमंत्री की एक और अनसुनी कहानी, सुनने के पहले सीट बेल्ट बांध लीजिए।

— Srinivas BV (@srinivasiyc) June 7, 2023

The video he shared was from PM Modi’s 2018 speech on World Biofuel Day. It is similar speech from which Congress tried to mock PM Modi for speaking concerning the idea of making biofuel from sewage gasoline.

PM Modi mentioned, “Once, I was in Gujarat, and a scooter was moving in front of our convoy. The person on the scooter was carrying a huge tractor tube. It was completely filled with air. If a person carries such a huge tractor tube on a scooter, the vehicles coming from behind will be scared of collision and accident. Even I was astonished. Normally a person would carry a deflated tube and fill it with air later. So I asked him to halt.”

He added, “We got down from the car and asked the person on a scooter what he was doing and why he was carrying the inflated tube like that. He could have been injured. He said that he was going to his field. I asked him the purpose. So he said that with the household waste and cattle dung of his animals, he had set up a biogas plant in his house. He fills the tube with that gas and carries it to his field. That gas is used to run his water pump in his field. Just think about the capability of our country’s farmers! Today even our farmers and villagers do innovative experiments.”

Congress chief Srinivas BV tried to mock PM Modi over his information of biofuel and the way it may be transported utilizing tyre tubes. However, if he had achieved some research, he wouldn’t have shot one more time on his personal foot.

Storing and transporting biogas in tyre tubes is just not a brand new idea. It has been examined, researched and confirmed a profitable idea not solely in India however in different nations as nicely. Many movies on YouTube present particulars on how anybody can arrange a biogas plant at dwelling and retailer the gasoline in tyre tubes. For instance, in March 2021, a well-known YouTube channel, A1 Adventure, which has 2.44 million subscribers, shared a 21-minute lengthy video of the method of establishing a biogas plant utilizing a water tank and storing the gasoline produced in tyre tubes. The video has been seen over 68 lakh instances.

Furthermore, we additionally discovered a video revealed in August 2021 on the channel Multi Talented. The one who runs the channel has arrange a biogas plant at his dwelling and saved the gasoline within the tyre tubes of a tractor. The video has been seen over 30,000 instances.

Another video was by Crazy Ram, revealed in April 2022, and has over 3.5 lakh views.

In 2015, Citizen TV Kenya revealed a information report the place they interviewed a farmer who was producing biogas at his farm utilizing cow dung and different plant waste and storing them in tyre tubes for future use. The farmer was additionally growing home equipment that might be operated utilizing the biogas saved in tyre tubes.

We additionally discovered a video from 2013 the place a farmer talked about establishing a biogas plant to run an irrigation system for his farm.

Storing any gasoline requires air-tight containers, and the metallic gasoline cylinders are expensive. Therefore, tyre tubes are a perfect low-cost various to retailer biogas. The tubes have already got a valve mechanism to open and shut the outflow of gasoline, subsequently excellent for such DIY crops. Being massive, tractor tyres are greatest for this use.

Furthermore, a tyre tube gasoline plant has additionally been conceptualised in Bangladesh. In an energypedia article, they mentioned rooftop biogas crops and storing the gasoline in tyre tubes. Using the idea, it was famous that after the plant was prepared, it may produce sufficient gasoline to cook dinner for 1.5 hours.

We additionally discovered an outdated analysis paper that talked about constructing low-cost tubular plastic digesters or bio-gas crops primarily based on ideas developed within the Nineteen Eighties and earlier than. In that paper, a diagram confirmed stacked-up tyre tubes for storage functions.


It is obvious that the idea is usually utilized in low-cost biogas crops. Tyre tubes aren’t solely used to retailer the produced biogas however will also be used to move it. It is a well-established proven fact that electrical energy could be produced utilizing biogas. Though transporting and storing biogas in tyre tubes has its personal dangers and needs to be dealt with fastidiously, the idea is usable and gaining recognition with each passing yr.

‘The gas from sewage’ controversy

In 2018, one other a part of the identical speech went viral on social media during which PM Modi talked about extracting gasoline to make tea from a sewage line. When Prime Minister Modi spoke a few tea vendor who made use of sewage gasoline to make tea, he was basically appreciating the progressive thoughts of widespread residents. Trying to make enjoyable of this, many turned themselves right into a joke. Several experiences within the media confirmed that sewage waste might be used to supply biogas.